“I fear their false urgency, their call to speed, their insistence that travel is less important than arrival…”
Rebecca Solnit




  • 15 hours of cooking classes (traditional stove station, open fire, stone oven and solar cooking)
  • 6 hours of ashtanga vinyasa yoga
  • 1 hour of yin yoga
  • 2 hours of meditation and pranayama
  • 1 hour of history and philosophy
  • 1 hour of beach yoga
  • 2 guided hikes (cooking and yoga included)
  • 1 night excursion
  • 10 hours of workshop (recycling laboratory, aloe cosmetics, gardening)
  • all breakfasts, meals and dinners
  • transport to and from the airport and for all the excursions with Makai’s electric car.


All excursions and timings will be planned weather accordingly.

Menu will be changing based on what the locals markets and the island provides.IMG_6917 p

For more informations or book your holiday please contact us  to :
 phone number-whatsapp   0034 681681 353