I fear their false urgency, their call to speed, their insistence that travel is less important than arrival…
Rebecca Solnit


 Welcome to Makai, a threehundred years old renovated farm house, a self-sustainable green oasi into the desert of Fuerteventura and into the Athlantic ocean crystal water. Here the colourfull sky reflect through fluffy clouds into the weaves to create breath- taking scenaries, making the island the ideal place to connect with your inner self. Makai is a journey to mindfulness, to natural and simple living; a tale of respect to mother earth.

Here you will connect your body to your spirit, practicing yoga to streatch and align the muscles, quieting the mind with pranayama and maditation sessions rooting into the present moment.
Taste the island cooking your own food, using just local and seasonal products from salt to oil and water, collecting your own eggs, herbs and spices from the garden. Experience different cooking techniques like solar energy and open fire.

Be inspired by the nature that surrounds you, walk this stunning island discover secret spots where birds collect and volcanoes hights.
Use your hands and let the creativity flow; by recycling wood,glass and plastic to make decorative pot to plant succulents and cactus, pick from the garden your own Aloe Vera, a world famous succulent known for its beneficial pourposes, to make natural soap, hydratant gel and drinking juice, enjoying your time, sit around star gazing, play and colour, shine as a child.

At Makai  we are just people who have learned  to live happily and accepting differences, understanding that slow down and enjoy life; It’s not only the scenery you miss by going fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

 makai fuerteventura
For more informations or book your holiday please contact us  to :
 phone number-whatsapp   0034 681681 353

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