“When life is foggy, path is unclear and mind is dull, remember your breath. It has the power to give you the peace. It has the power to resolve the unsolved equations of life.” 
“ Amit Ray”.


Yoga is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices originated in ancient India and nowdays a famous method all over the world of health developer and relaxation. Yogis practiced Yoga long before any written account of it came into existence, passing down the discipline verbally to their students on and on till its arrival into the Western world and our lives.

The world Yoga comes from the Sanskrit with the meaning of joining together. Yoga is union, is the connection with our inner teacher, our natural self and the hole universe. The practice of Yoga brings peace and connection to our lives throughout a series of body posture known as asanas, breath control, pranayama and meditation. By linking the posture with the breath and a focused mind we create a flow of energy and movement that heats up the body, enhance muscle flexibility, increase strength, balance, purify the nervous system and brings fresh oxygen to the blood stream.

At Makai you will practice daily 60 minutes Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a union of posture flowing one to another using a flow of movement and breath to find freedom in your body and stillness of mind. Weather in our equipped Yoga room, the beach or on the top of a mountain the classes are always guided and with a maximum of six people ensuring the perfect tailor made experience.

Every Yoga session will start and end with pranayama and meditation practice, easy exercises that you can take everywhere with you.

During the course we will have time to spend learning about the origins of Yoga, the philosophy behind, the chakras and personalized lesson on how to clean your yoga practice to get the full benefits from it, as well as 60 min Yin Yoga class, a more steady and calming kind of Yoga which focuses on relaxing into postures for a longer time with the less body movement.


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